Amber Baby Teething Bracelet


BABY J’S 100% Genuine Baltic Amber Anklet/Bracelet. All amber stones used to create these bracelets/anklets are genuine, authentic, natural Baltic amber stones. Not artificial, plastic or synthetic. Every Anklet/bracelet comes in an organza gift bag and supplied with an information sheet.

AMBER colours and the shapes of stones may vary from Bracelet to Bracelet due to the amber being a natural product. Every bead is knotted in between to prevent scattering if a breakage should occur. Fitted with a safety screw clasp and made with strong silk, matching to the amber beads.

Measurements: 12cm.

Elder on ash, runes


. A set of runes for divination consists of 25 pieces.

. Elder Futhark runes. Northern runes made of natural ash wood. Carved runes are a perfect gift for an esoteric lover.

. Exactly as expected, beautiful quality and a pleasure to handle.

Elder on hazel runes


. The word “rune” means whisper, mystery, and secret wisdom, or “that which is communicated orally.” Runic divination or “rune casting” is not “fortunetelling” in the sense that one actually sees the future but rather that the runes provide a means of analyzing the path that you travel and a likely outcome.

. Beautifully hand crafted to create a personal experience.

. Due to the natural variations of the wood used no two will be identical in size.

. A unique gift for those who choose to follow the old way’s and walk with nature.

Elder on willow, Runes


. These have been lovingly hand burnt using pyrography.

. The runes feature the elder futhark runic alphabet

. Please note to retain the natural qualities of the wood, the runes remain untreated

Gothic prayer Ouija board


This fascinating Ouija board of Anne Stokes’ design is created with dark colours, showing a praying hooded lady with tears in her eyes and a rosary cross between her hands. Made of wood with plastic planchette and a lot of attention to detail, this spirit board is a fantastic tool for any occult practitioner. Bordered with baroque designs, the board is sepia-tinged, has the alphabet marked out in an arc, as well as the numbers 0 to 9, the words YES, NO and GOODBYE and a warning to use with caution – the power of the spirit world is not something to take lightly.

Mystic aura spirit board


This stunning Anne Stokes Mystic Aura wooden Spirit Board is printed beautifully with one of her most loved designs . The back of the board features a sentimental poem.

Comes in a printed box with a planchette and instructions.

Small altar box


. In the spiritual, esoteric, and metaphysical sense, altars can be used for meditation, ritual, prayer, reflection, gratitude, or any other form of inner work.

. The spiritual altar can be small or large, fancy or minimalistic, traditional or non-traditional. The flavour, look and feel of your altar will depend on you and your own tastes and preferences.

. This altar box comes complete with contents shown in the photo altho contents and colour may differ.

Small crystal ball


The crystal ball has the energy of harmony and perfection owing to its spherical shape—the superior shape since ancient times. The ball also draws upon quartz crystal properties. A high quality, clear crystal ball will anchor the energy of light in a very harmonious, smooth and constant motion.

Spell candles white 10s


White is useful in magick, as it can act as a stand-in for any other color. It’s essentially a blank slate. If I wanted a red seduction candle, but only had white, I’d just toss some red glitter on the white candle to achieve the same effects. It’s cleansing and purifying, so it’s great for clearing away old energies and bringing in fresh, new, happy ones.